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"Restoration and conservation of ecosystems of Madrid: answers to global change. Restauración y conservación de los ecosistemas madrileños: Respuesta frente al cambio global". Programa de Actividades de I+D de la Comunidad de Madrid
(Consejería de Educación) REMEDINAL2 -CM (S2009/AMB-1783).
Investigador Principal: Adrian Escudero (URJC).
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  BACCARA has as main goal to build scientific foundations for developing tools allowing forest managers and policy makers to evaluate risk of European forest biodiversity and productivity loss under climate change.

The scope of BACCARA encompasses forest composition at multiple trophic levels, i.e. assemblages of forest symbionts (mycorrhiza), producers (keystone tree species), consumers (herbivores and pathogens) and their predators. This 4 year project will construct a 3-dimensional risk assessment model linking climate change, functional diversity, and forest productivity: BACCARA gathers 15 European organisations and the University of Pekin.

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